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Solar Hot Water

Solar Hot Water systems convert solar radiation to heat for domestic hot water, space heating, radiant floor heating, or pool heating. This form of energy generation has many applications in your building, translating to large reductions in your energy bill. Furthermore, traditional gas and electric water heaters are powered by fossil fuels, and emit large amounts of CO2. Solar Hot Water systems emit no planet harming C02, but instead generate clean energy for your building.

Exceed Sustainability Mandates

Greatly Reduce Your C02 Emissions

Offset 80% of Your Hot Water Energy Usage

How A Closed Loop Solar Thermal System Works

Collect Solar Energy

Solar energy is generated from solar collectors. This energy warms a special fluid, mixture of water and glycol, stored in the solar collectors.

Heat Water In Storage Tank

This liquid is pumped down to the solar tank where the heat exchange transfers the heat to the water. This fluid never comes into contact with the water in the storage tank.

Pump Hot Water Into Water Heater

This solar heated water is then transported into your existing water heater. Because the water is already hot, your water heater doesn’t have to work as hard.

Temperature Monitoring

The solar station monitors the temperature of the liquid in the collectors on the roof compared to the water temperature in the solar tank and continues the transfer process until the desired temperature is reached.

Hot Water For Your Building

The solar hot water is ready to be used in a wide variety of applications for your building from domestic hot water to radiant heating systems.

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