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3075 Ala Poha Pl

Honolulu, Hawaii

Solar Hot Water system on two 22-story buildings in Honolulu, Hawaii. This $1.5 Million project was installed in only 6 weeks. A helicopter was used to carry the collectors to the buildings’ roofs. The system includes three large German-made Haase Energy tanks.

Services Used

  • Solar Hot Water System
Case Study

“We decided to go strictly solar hot water. That’s roughly about 50% of our operating costs for the apartment owners anyway. We got a good deal from Adroit and their cohorts who will actually be building the process, and we will have 20 years to retire the debt. Our cost out of pocket the will be virtually zero off the bat, and we will have quite some time to pay it back. The savings will be quite good. It will be a great investment for us, as well as we will have a 20 year guarantee.  Thank you again to Adroit!”

Donte Carpenter, AAOA President