Crow Canyon Medical Center

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Danville, CA

Crow Canyon Medical Center is the first U.S. medical facility to feature a solar thermal system that provides air cooling and heating, and domestic water-heating. The 3,352 SF collector area features 75 Chromasun MCT panels. Adroit Energy designed and installed a solar and natural gas powered air-conditioning project at Crow Canyon Medical Center in Danville, CA. The new system exploits low gas prices and the unique solar performance that significantly offsets the current operating costs of the building’s existing electric chiller system.

Services Used

  • Solar Cooling
Case Study

“We strived to incorporate the best energy efficiency and environmental performance technologies at Crow Canyon Medical Center. However, the existing electric chillers dominated our energy consumption and represented a challenge in the building upgrade. The Chromasun solar and gas chiller installation is expected to significantly displace our future cooling and heating needs even with our limited roof area. I have been impressed by the quality and look forward to the energy savings the system will generate.”

John Moore, General Partner