NRG Station A Microgrid

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1301 Illinois St

San Francisco, CA

The Station A PV system was built with the ability to have its electrical system run off the grid. The Station A and Little House buildings at the decommissioned Potrero power plant on the San Francisco Bay are sites for NRG’s development of micro grids. This is the first PV micro grid development of its kind in the US.
The solar radiant heating system Adroit Energy installed on the Station A building is designed to assist the existing heating system. The panels power the Sunny Boy inverters which initially supply power to the loads in the building. Excess electricity then goes to the Sunny Island inverters which use that power to charge the batteries and then backfeed to the grid. They can also be bypassed so that the system is directly tied to the grid. This system is not only functional, but is a showpiece and learning center for NRG.

Services Used

  • Design & Engineering
  • Solar PV Microgrid
  • Solar PV
  • Solar Radiant Heating
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