Santa Clara University

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Santa Clara, CA

This system is the largest rooftop concentrating solar thermal installation in California, and the largest solar thermal project yet completed under the California Solar Initiative-Thermal (CSI-T) program. Adroit installed solar thermal micro-concentrator collectors to heat the water for the Benson Memorial Center cafeteria at Santa Clara University. Adroit also installed a solar cooling system for the Decathlon House.

Services Used

  • Solar Thermal
  • Solar Cooling
Case Study

“Wth its 25-year lifespan and six-year payback period, the Chromasun solar thermal system is an excellent capital investment. Energy security was another major driver of our decision to undertake this project. Per the terms of our ten-year leasing agreement, we will pay a fixed price for the energy the system produces, shielding the university from natural gas price volatility.”

DJoe Sugg, Assistant Vice President of Operations at Santa Clara University