CALSEIA: Immediately Contact Assembly Members to Save AB 2339

CALSEIA Action Alert to Save California Assembly Bill 2339

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The California Solar Energy Industries Association (CALSEIA), sent out an alert today urging the public to immediately contact Lorena Gonzalez, San Diego’s Assembly Appropriations Committee Chair, as well as Speaker Anthony Rendon.

Under AB 2339, the 5% Net Energy Metering cap would raise for California municipal utilities, “…by applying the same cap calculation methodology as already exists for the state’s investor owned utilities, like PG&E..” Basically, the bill will allow double the number of businesses and residences homes to invest in solar PV under NEM 1.0.

According to CALSEIA, “AB 2339 is on the chopping block thanks to the opposition from labor unions and utilities.” With a 10-2 vote, the California Assembly Utilities Committee passed the bill in April 2016. Since then, labor unions and municipal utilities have voiced their opposition to AB 2339.

“The decision of whether to allow AB 2339 to advance to the Assembly Floor rests in the hands of two people…” The organization’s Action Alert suggests for callers to ask Chair Gonzalez and Speaker Rendon for their leadership and urge them to pass AB 2339 in order to protect net energy metering. “It is a two minute investment for the future of our industry in California.”


Luciana Da Silva is the Director of Marketing & Corporate Development at Adroit Energy, Inc.

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