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Having or showing skill, cleverness, or resourcefulness in handling situations using the hands or mind.

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Who We Are

Adroit Energy is a world-class full-service renewable energy engineering, procurement, and construction firm. Based in San Diego for 31 years, we pride ourselves on being forward thinkers. Our goal is to deliver advanced, tried and true, commercially viable configurations, using the highest quality equipment and materials. This approach has produced incredible financial and environmental benefits for our clients.

We focus on providing maximum value

Complete Package

Are you considering multiple renewable energy options, but don’t want to bother dealing with a half dozen contractors? Adroit Energy’s complete packages can save you time and money. We will help you understand your energy usage, and create an energy plan that makes sense for the environment, and for your wallet.

Energy Expertise

It is critical to understand the ways we use energy and the sources of that energy in order to advise our customers on the best system for their needs, as well as for the environment. From complete energy audits, to answering simple questions, Adroit Energy can help you choose the best approach to accomplishing your goals.

Quality Workmanship

The quality of a system depends as much on installation as it does on the parts. Adroit Energy’s experienced technicians are meticulous in their craftsmanship, and committed to building robust, dependable systems that will function at a high level of performance for years to come.

Quality Components

Energy systems should be built to last, so we choose only the highest quality components and materials. We install established brands with a long track in the industry to ensure years of trouble free service.

Customer Service

Understanding the various rebates and tax credits available for renewable energy systems can be daunting, and frustrating. Whenever possible, we will file for the rebates on your behalf, and be with you every step of the way to ensure you take advantage of every incentive available.

We take pride in our work & safety

Adroit Energy takes pride in working in a safe and intelligent manner. Our team always adheres to strict project-specific safety plans. In 31 years, an Adroit employee has never been significantly injured. We have never been sued for a construction defect or dispute. We have not had a lien led against us or any type of complaint filed with the California Contractors State License Board. Emphasis on precision detail and customer satisfaction have earned Adroit many favorable long term relationships with its clients and partner contractors.

Backed By Experience & Professional Certifications
  • LEED Accredited
    (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design
  • Professional Engineering Licenses (PE)
  • Architectural Licenses
  • Licensed contractor in California and Hawaii
  • C46 (Solar) License
  • C36 (Plumbing) License

Multiple Locations To
Best Serve Our Clients

San Diego
San Francisco
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